Rafael Trejo Boxing Gymnasium in Havana

During the last 30 years Cuba, a small island country of approximately 11 million residents, has produced more World Champions and Olympic gold medallists in amateur boxing than any other country. In World Amateur Boxing competitions, Cubans have won 64 of the 152 gold medals issued between 1974 and 2005. In 1910 the first boxing academy was established in Havana. It is said in Cuba that every great fighter has at one stage in the career, trained at Rafael Trejo Boxing Gymnasium in Havana.


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  1. Agnieszka 2017/02/21 at 07:45 #

    Super zdjęcia Paweł. Cieszę się że mogę oglądać odrywając się od rzeczywistości choć na moment. Fajnie, że jesteś robisz zdjęcia no i że Ci poznałam.

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